Welcome to py-hangman’s documentation!


Welcome to this 2 Player Hangman game.

Note: This project was primarily created for the following purposes -

  • Getting hands-on experience with GitHub
  • Learning simple game development in Python
  • Understanding packaging and distribution in Python
  • Getting some experience with tools like tox and Travis CI
  • Getting experience with docs generating tools like rST, Markdown, Sphinx

Installing Hangman

The project is available on PyPI - https://pypi.python.org/pypi/py-hangman

As such, you can install using pip install py-hangman.

Or you can also install from source by cloning the repo and running pip install . from the directory containing setup.py.

Running Hangman

A binary called hangman is created during installation.

If you install the project inside a virtualenv, the hangman binary will be present in the bin directory of the virtualenv.

Run the hangman binary to start the game. Follow the instructions on screen to continue.


Tests are written using unittest. Run them with - python tests.py -b